A revolutionary mixed reality asset mapping and maintenance tool for the work force of the future.

Using the latest spatial and holographic computing technology our product will empower the next generation of engineers to work faster, more efficiently and safer delivering technical information at the point of need. RIVO is built on over 30 years mapping and 3D imaging experience from the team at Luminous Group.


How does it work?
1. Real-time asset capture

Locating and surveying items of equipment in large complex facilities is a time-consuming process. RIVO allows an engineer to go to site and using a Microsoft HoloLens headset and our RIVO tracking algorithms walk around the plant mapping and tagging items in their correct locations. The engineers progress can be followed in real-time remotely at anytime.

Compressor Corroded Pipe Electrical Box
2. Tagging – Rich data
assigned to item

An engineer can look at an item of interest, capture and tag its location and then assign a whole host of rich data to it. This can take the form of videos, voice notes, images or custom data forms. For known components 3D models or digital twins from our library can be placed and positioned over the real item.

Video Technical Info Voice Notes Photos Survey Data
3. Uploaded to realtime games engine

Once the survey has been completed the engineer can sync his work, uploading it to an interactive database driven 3D model in the cloud. We use the Unity games engine and Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

4. Data access

Our intuitive 3D interface allows the site model to be accessed via web, mobile or other mixed reality devices. Layers of items can be switched on or off for easy viewing. Customised data input forms can also be created. Using a Microsoft Mixed Reality device, the model can be viewed in ‘god mode’ or jumped in for a first-person perspective at full scale.

Tablet Desktop Mixed Reality
1. Reporting

Reports can be generated showing engineer time on site, the number of items surveyed or updated. Using Microsoft Cognitive services machine learning and AI are used to interrogate the results and gain operational insight.

04 FEB2018 04 MAR2018 04 APR2018 04 MAY2018 04 JUN2018 04 JUL2018 04 AUG2018 60 74 51 92 37 89 39 12 27 35 24 15 31 52 42 45 26 8 items surveyed
2. Ongoing maintenance

Each time an engineer returns to a site he can reoriented himself and begin his specific tasks and inspection or maintenance procedures. Existing tagged items and all associated and historical data can be accessed on site at the point of need via the HoloLens.

3. Remote call to an expert

If at any point the operator is struggling to carry out a specific task he can put a call into a remote expert. Using the Hololens video streaming and sharing capabilities the expert can see what the operator is seeing and guide him appropriately.

Onsite Remote expert
4. Wayfinding

Once an item has been tagged and its location is known users can be guided directly to it using our innovative wayfinding module with augmented visual cues.


Although designed primarily as an asset mapping tool, having this data available in a real-time games engine environment means it can be customised for numerous other enterprise applications.

Visual Inspection Mixed Reality augmented hands free inspection tools and applications for industry. Situation Awareness Simulate real-world environments and deploy immersive training scenarios. Risk Mitigation Identify and document hazards in real-time onsite in complex environments. Virtual Training Digital twin and augmented holographic 3D technical training procedures. Disaster Management Realtime game engine environment for mixed reality pre and post planning support. Fire Safety Services Asset Mapping for rapid 3D fire surveys, fire plans and incident support capturing items in there real world locations. Utility Surveys Real time data and asset documentation and delivery at the point of need. Insurance Documentation Hazard identification and documentation for rapid 3D site surveys.

The RIVO asset mapping system can be applied to any sectors that have complex industrial facilities.

Marine & Defence Marine & Defence Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Manufacturing Manufacturing Process Plant Process Plant Built Environment Built Environment Aviation Aviation Nuclear Nuclear
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